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I swear my husband is in his 50’s… Emily: “Some of my friends have boyfriends but I don’t like boys they are too annoying.” Lisa-Marie: “Don’t worry Em you will – they will grow-up. Boys just mature slower, they are a little behind… right Mark?” Mark: “Hee, hee – you said behind.” _________________________________________________ Emily Rose […]

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Here is the final episode of the Emily Rose TV Trilogy.  Emily Rose would like to thank Dolphin Encounters and Blue Lagoon Island for giving us such an AMAZING day.  Post you answers to the following 3 questions in the comments section below and you could win a $100 gift certificate from Emily Rose and […]

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The title of this post translates to “Submarine”. Who knew that something so simple could cure ills, relieve travel fatigue and cheer disappointments. At our first stop in Buenos Aires Emily asked in very good Spanish for a “Chocolata Caliente” (I may have spelled that wrong), or a “hot chocolate”. She was very disappointed when […]

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Emily Rose TV goes on the road for Emily’s Uncle Con’s wedding…

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