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We start counting down to the June 1st launch date on May 16th when we announce our exciting Launch Contest where we are giving away a free business at every Club level. Click here to sign-up and get on the VIP invitation list and to make sure you don’t miss the contest.


home party program for mother daughter entrepreneurs

Lisa-Marie here.  In 2009 we launched the Emily Rose @Home program to a few pioneer Founder’s Members.  The program had no website, minimal training and a single forum – but I knew that giving Moms and Daughters the chance to learn about business and become entrepreneurs together was something that I wanted Emily Rose to be able to offer.  Providing women and girls opportunities to learn and grow in a business of their own is my passion.  In 2010 we came out with an improved program – an independent website, each consultant got a website, a 30 day training program and a social network for consultants.  Gosh I have learned SO much in the last 2 years and everything that I have learned has come from working closely with our fabulous @Home consultants.

In 2010 we watched our consultants, asked them lots of questions and listened to every word they had to say.  We are so thrilled that coming on June 1st is the new and improved program based on everything we have learned so far.  We still have all of our main features that attracted all of our existing consultants such as:

  • Low start-up costs (in fact you can now join for free)
  • High quality products at the Emily Rose affordable pricing
  • Awesome starter-packages
  • No recruiting!
  • No inventory purchase requirements or sales quotas
  • Free marketing graphics and templates for business supplies

But now we are even better – Here are some of the highlights:

  • 4 levels of clubs for different desired levels of participation
  • Consultant websites that look just like eCommerce stores (not like home party programs)
  • Personal coaching
  • Customized training programs
  • Increased hostess benefits
  • Hostess referral bonuses
  • 50% Shopping Sprees
  • Gaming and adventure in our new consultant social network – Club World

Here’s a quick peek in to “How It Works”

We start counting down to the June 1st launch date on May16th when we announce our exciting Launch Contest where we are giving away a free business at every Club level. Click here to sign-up and get on the VIP invitation list and to make sure you don’t miss the contest.

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Lisa-Marie here with a little story…

Way back in my corporate life when I worked as a Systems Analyst for a major telecommunications company I found myself in dire straights.  I was in desperate need of an intelligent, dynamic, pro-active systems analyst for my team.  Now this was no easy role.  I was looking for someone with extensive software development experience, skills in writing technical requirements documentation and someone with the ability to understand the complexities of data-warehousing and analytics.  Stay with me here – it’s a good story.

I submitted my headcount request through my boss – who promptly told me he had already assigned a headcount to my team that had somehow ended up in our department.  Did she have software development experience?  Ummm… no.  Technical writing experience?  Ummmmm… no.  Any experience or knowledge in data or anlaytics?  Ummmmm…no.

I remember saying to my senior team member… “Great, we have someone who can take our minutes and produce power point.  Exactly what we needed (insert heavily jaded corporate sarcasm).”

Well was I in for a surprise and a lesson!  I got Michelle.  Michelle quickly picked-up complex technical requirements writing, she worked day and night to make sure that she was not holding up or slowing down the team and most important of all, she was a ray of sunshine and optimism.  Michelle performed so well during those few years that she worked for me that I swore if I ever got the opportunity I would hire her again.

Fast forward five years.  Lisa-Marie has been working like crazy, she sees nothing but more hard work ahead of her as she continues to push towards making her dream of empowering Moms and daughters a reality.  She has a little bit of a melt-down.  Thank goodness that Lisa-Marie also has an amazing husband who says, “don’t you think it’s about time that you hired Michelle?”

SO WE DID!!!!  Introducing Michelle Fernandez Marino who has just joined the Emily Rose family.  Michelle is going to help me make sure that our customers continue to be impressed and delighted by their Emily Rose experience, as well as help me continue to develop the @Home program. You can’t imagine how pleased and excited I was to be able to drag Michelle away from her 18 year corporate career to join a little, family orientated company like ours (isn’t she brave!)

Here’s Michelle’s bio…

Michelle Fernandez-Marino is the newest member of the Emily Rose family. She believes that joining Emily Rose was destiny! Michelle worked for Lisa-Marie (founder of Emily Rose 18 Inch Doll Clothes & Furniture) in the corporate world years ago, so when Michelle was approached with an opportunity to work with the company, she couldn’t pass it up!

Michelle is excited to work for a company whose mission is to promote and empower women, whether Moms looking to encourage the wonders and creativity of imaginative play while not breaking the bank, or women interested in going into business themselves while teaching young girls the importance of financial freedom… either vision, Emily Rose is the place to be!

Michelle and her husband are having the time of their lives raising their beautiful daughter. She keeps them on their toes with her 2 year old curiosity, imagination, and spunk!

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Meet Leia, the Chicken Bandit!

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… and the Flowerz in Her Hair giveaway winner, chosen randomly by is comment #21! Gayle! Congratulations Gayle! Look out for an email with instructions on how to claim your prize. 🙂

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Look what I received last Valentine’s!

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