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Hi everyone – my name is Lisa-Marie and that’s me on the left with my lovely husband and 11 year-old daughter Emily Rose. We are an entreprenurial family. In 2006 I founded Emily Rose – a website that provides unique and affordable clothing and furniture for 18 inch dolls. As you can probably guess, it was through my daughter Emily Rose that I discovered 18 inch dolls. She absolutely loves her dolls and I love the creative play opportunities they provide her. Her imagination soars in the company of her dolls and I am convinced that her relationship with them has improved her skills in so many areas. In 2008 we launched Emily Rose @Home – a home party business opportunity for mom and daughter entrepreneurs. We have 50 amazing Founder’s Circle members who are helping us perfect the program for the wide release later this year.

As you can imagine we are a busy family. Because I spend most of my day in front of my computer and answered the customer care lines for so long, I developed wonderful relationships with many of our customers who are mom’s of American Girls – just like me. The goal in launching this blog was to provide a place for our customers (Moms, Grandmoms, Dads, Aunts, etc… of our amazing American Girls) to come for information, company and ideas around raising these beautiful people.

Raising American Girls has been through some big changes. Mostly because our previous blog (with over two years of posts) was deleted by an technical person that we hired to implement the design changes. It was a devastating blow as the back-up did not work and all of the posts were lost to us. So – if you are looking for an old post, we apologize if you can’t find it. We are working on replacing some of them from screen shots but it may be some time.

Anyway – every challenge is just an opportunity in disguise. I have decided to use this challenge to start FRESH! Welcome to the NEW Raising American Girls. Based on feedback from all of our wonderful customers we have developed a format that we hope will provide you with some support and fun while you are raising you American girl. Here is a schedule of what you can expect – we will be throwing in lots of changes and surprises as we go based on feedback and inspiration. Plus – we publish American Girl news whenever we hear it.
Please use the comments below to let us know if there is anything you would like to see here.

Mondays – LM Musings

Tuesdays – Company Day – Testimonials, Featured Outfits, Company News

Wednesdays – Wordless Wednesday, Craft Day, Family Recipes

Thursdays – Monthly Contest, Non Emily Rose Product Reviews

Fridays – Web Site Reviews, Book Reviews, Finance Fridays

Saturdays – Emily Rose TV!!

Sundays – Guest Blogger Day

Emily Rose has always been a family affair – LM’s sister worked for us
in customer care and shipping for over a year before we moved to a
fulfillment partner. Everyone who works for Emily Rose feels like

In July of 2009 Lisa-Marie launched Emily Rose @ Home – the home party
business for mom/daughter entrepreneurs. The opportunity will be made
available again in 2010.
You can get more information here.

You can reach Lisa-Marie by calling our toll-free number (800) 615-7048 or
send her an email. You can also join us on Facebook where Lisa-Marie spends
time chatting with customers and sharing inside information on Emily

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