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Here’s my sister Michelle, our resident reviewer…

Michelle is a super-Mom of 3 children: Maggie (7), Jack (5) and Tommy (3). She juggles parenting and her job as a home-care nurse while hubby works full-time in corporate America and serves as the Chief of the local volunteer fire company.  Michelle will be giving you her honest opinion on products and services that we feel you all of you might be interested in. We will be hosting many giveaways for these products as well.

*Please note that Michelle may have received free product on compensation in exchange for these reviews and giveaways. Not a bad deal – she gets to be the guinea pig for all of you and you have the chance to get free stuff! To Mom power!

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We live in Pennsylvania, and are preparing for yet another snow storm!  It’s cold, snowy, and just plain miserable out!  That’s why we were thrilled to try out a cozy new sweatshirt from Zebra Hoodies.  Regina, of Zebra Hoodies, is a school teacher who makes these adorable embroidered sweatshirts and uniforms to make a little extra money.  Well, I think Regina must be super busy because there are so many design options and choices.  We received a black crew neck “hoodie” with Maggie’s name is zebra print.  Check out Maggie doing her gymnastics warm up to get a close up view.

The process is simple.  First you chose the type of “hoodie”, crew neck or zip.  Then choose the name, or initial you would like embroider.  Next you choose the stitching colors, including their own zebra or tiger print.  And last, you choose the font type.  Your sweatshirt is then, custom made just for you!  Each sweatshirt is $36.00 plus $4.95 for shipping.  Not a bad deal for a custom made sweatshirt.  The “hoodie” is a 50% pre-shrunk cotton blend and a nice heavy weight for our chilly January days.  I have washed it several times and there hasn’t been any shrinking or fading.  A warning about size.  Maggie is usually a size 8 in girls’ clothes but the “hoodie” we received was a size 10-12 and fits perfectly.  I would order one size larger than needed.  Maggie loves to wear it playing in the snow, or as a cover up for her gymnastics gear

Take note warm weather friends, this sweatshirt would still be great for those chilly evenings at the baseball or soccer fields.  Baseball and softball uniforms are also available at reasonable package prices, and again, are all customizable.  OK, so uniforms are great but my favorite item available is for all of your princesses and divas.  Check out the new bling line.  I think any little girl will love these tees and sweatshirts!  Imagine your daughter’s Girl Scout troop, or dance troop in these sparkly tees.  Worried about price?  The more you order, the less you pay.

What I love about this product?  There is nothing not to love!  Simple to order, simple to wear, and simple to love.  This is a great product that is a must have for your girls wardrobe this winter.  And for all the girly girls out there, the bling line is too cute!  I also love the personal attention from Regina.  If you order from this company, you get a personalized custom made product just for you.  Not to mention, I love any company that fosters creativity.  You and your daughter could have a blast designing mother daughter tees or anything that expresses your creative side.

The bottom line?  I love supporting any self made business woman who is offering a great product at a great price.  Zebra Hoodies gets my vote!


Zebrahoodie wants one of our readers to win a custom Hoodie or Sweatshirt!!!  In order to enter please visit Zebrahoodie and tell us which one is your favorite plus one fun way that you and your kiddos enjoy the winter weather?

Comment must be posted by January 18th at midnight.  On January 19th we will choose a winner randomly and announce here and on the Emily Rose Facebook Page.  US residents only.

47 Responses to Zebra Hoodies Review and Giveaway

  1. Michele says:

    My daughter would love the navy hoodie, her name in Tiger in the funky font with blue stitching, it would be great for basketball and gymnastics. Which are favorite winter pasttimes, as is snowmobiling!

  2. Savanah m says:

    My favorite would be a crew neck white one with my name savanah just like how maggie’s was one thing my family does is we just moved into a new house and it’s a big lot with a hill so even though we are now in GA we like to snowboard and sled

  3. Sarah says:

    I love the zip up hoodie! My kids love to go sledding in the winter, they also love playing in the yard while the snow is falling too!


  4. Rachel Landers says:

    This sweatshirt is precious! I have four girls and each one of them would want one of these chic hoodies. By the way, pretty cool moves Maggie! 🙂

  5. Linda says:

    I have four granddaughters who have American Girl dolls. I had a lot of fun knitting dolls clothes before Christmas!!!!!! The hoodies are really cute and I’m sure they would all love to have one.

  6. Pat Brey says:

    My granddaughter Abby would love a zip up hoodie. We had snow this week and 138 schools were out, but she had to go to school. She is praying for snow this weekend…enough to not have school. Her dolls are Kit and Ruthie.

  7. Gina says:

    My daughter Bailey and I LOVE these hoodies!! Bailey would look adorable in the black hoodie, with her name in funky font, with purple stitching! One way we enjoy the winter weather is snowtubing at the ski slopes in Indiana near our home! We love snow:-)

  8. Julie McKinney says:

    I love the zip-up zebra hoodie. My daughter would look so cute in one. My kids and I love to have snowball fights, build snowmen and wrap up in blankets and eat hot chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven when we’re done.

  9. wendi manning says:

    we would love the light pink zip hoodie!! 🙂 Our way to SURVIVE the winter is to stay warm indoors and watch movies, play games, play with our dolls and have a fashion show 🙂

  10. Lisa Borgstrom says:

    My daughter would love the hoodies whether regular pull over or the zip up hoodie. Here name is Brianna. Size XL in the Zebra printing.. love it! Brianna plays Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball as well as playing outside in the winter in the snow

  11. Amanda says:

    The hoodie is TOO CUTE! (so are the kids!) My 10 year old daughter Cassandra  lives in hoodies, year round even though we live in the south. Perfect for wiggling into after evening swim meets in the summer and of course staying warm when sledding on the ice in the winter. She loves hoodies so much that she talked me into buying fabric and pattens to make hoodies for Elizabeth and Kit! We have the pieces cut…now she is figuring out the construction! Its one of her first sewing projects. Wish us luck! 

  12. Shana Baker says:

    Zebra name on black with green stitching is our favorite. She would want the Hoodie with “Blitz” on it. Blitz is the name of her soccer team. We plan to go skiing next Friday to enjoy the winter weather. She also enjoys taking Kit out in her new tweed coat she got for Christmas. Now Kit can be warm too. Too bad Kit cannot get a Zebra Hoodie! 🙂

  13. Lisa Borgstrom says:

    We would love to have a hoodie whether pullover or zip front hoodie size XL. My daughter’s name is Brianna. She plays sports (volleyball, basketball, and softball) during the winter if she is not playing basketball, we are normally outside sledding or ice skating 🙂

  14. Katrina says:

    My 9-year-old daughter, Hailey, is fascinated with Zebras and Zebra prints! She called herself a zebra-holic the other day. (We call her 7-year-old sister a “talkaholic.”) They both horseback riding lessons and always wear the same hoodies to stay warm under their coats. (Our temps have been in single digits lately!) A Zebra hoodie would be a great addition to Hailey’s riding wardrobe! And, of course, we’d have to buy one for her sister, too! 

  15. Mary Lee says:

    I love the zebrahoodies!  My girls and I liked the idea of a white hoodie with the tiger print.  We live in AZ now, where it only gets down the the 30’s on our coldest day.  Our favorite winter tradition is to jump in the pool on New Year’s Day.  The water is REALLY cold even here!  We call ourselves the Polar Bear Club, and the youngest member is only 6 and already on her 3rd year!

  16. Christina says:

    We would pick the black hoodie with my daughters name in funky font with zebra print and pink stitching. We would definitely wear it for gymnastics practices and playing in the snow which happen to be two of our favorite winter pastimes!

  17. TinaMarie Hintz says:

    What a unique sweatshirt! I love it that you could get coordinated sweatshirts for all ages, but yet they are still able to be individualized to each child’s taste. If I had a favorite to pick, it would be one for my 9 year old. I would LOVE a Hoodie for my 9 year old, Youth Large, Black, Zebra, with Initial “R”, name under it in hot pink, Rachel, funky lettering. She just LOVES to dress in sweats, especially since we homeschool. She could look cute, stylish and be comfortable at the same time! As for how we enjoy the winter weather? Our favorite is ANYTHING together!! We love to go out in the backyard, romp in the snow a bit, then come in for some of our homemade hot cocoa with double shots of whipped cream. It doesn’t matter how you enjoy it, as long as a family does it TOGETHER that is important!!

  18. Anita says:

    My daughter would love the navy hoodie, her name (Karalyn) in Zebra in the funky font with Pink stitching, our favorite winter sledding, skating, and ski after all we live in MN

  19. Kelly says:

    The zebra hoodie with red trim is so cute. Sporty enough for my daughter’s favorite winter pastime of skiing, but feminine enough for her girly-girl tastes.

  20. tricia says:

    I’d love the pink zip up sweatshirt with my daughter’s name in zebra print!

    We love sleigh riding and ice skating.

  21. Kit says:

    My daughter had a hard time with this. she loves them all. but I think it came down to the Zebra Print Name w/ red stitching on Zipper Hoodie. my daughter always did want a hoodie. she could not find one that was girl like lol. she loves to play soccer and she plays outside in the cold at times. This would be very nice and warm for days in the cold. my daughter Jordan hopes to win one of these.

  22. Kathryn says:

    My daughter (Caitlyn) loves zip up hoodies. She wears them all year long. We liked the navy blue hoody, funky font, and tiger stripes with light brown stitching around it. My daughter went crazy over it! Her favorite wintertime activity is playing outside in the snow building all kinds of animals. She doesn’t do the normal snowman! When it is not snowing (which is a lot), we like to curl up under a blanket and read or watch movies.

  23. Rose says:

    Hi my name is Rose and I have a grandaughter her name is ( Haylee ) and I know she would love the black hoodie with her name in zebra red if possible, red and black are her school colors. She is going to be eight february 13 and this would be a birthday gift. Her mom is a single mom and works hard to take care of her. In the winter they play games and bake when it is really cold outside. Your shirts are awesome and would make her screem for joy. Have a wonderful day.

  24. Teresa says:

    My daughter loves anything zebra bring.  Hannah would love a black crew neck with pink stitching on her name with the zebra print.  She would wear a size 10-12.  We have been in the 20’s since early December!  The kids love the snow in the winter and we like to snowboard as a family and then hit the hot tub!

  25. Melissia Birge says:

    My 4yr old daughter would love the zebra print with the pink stitching. She loves wearing hoodies when her Daddy takes her sledding at the park near our house. She also wears them to her basketball practices and dance lessons. Got to keep those ears warm on cold, snowy days! 🙂

  26. Shelby says:

    I would really like a sweatshirt with the initial with the name below it in script. I want zebra stiching with yellow stiching for the name. Thanks!!!

  27. Shelby says:

    Oh, and my favorite activity in the winter is having snowball fights!

  28. Lisa M says:

    Zipper Hoodie is best for Florida weather, cold one minute hot the next. This would be perfect for my granddaughter since her mom combined names to make her so you don’t find things with her name..


    My daughter Lilli loves hoodies. She would love to have a pink hoodie with her name embroidered in lime green. She loves to match with her American doll, Dorothy, whom she named after her little neice Dorothie. Lilli loves to swim in the summer, do gymnastics and ballet. She is currently playing basketball. We would love to hear from you! I love the video ofyour daughter!!

  30. Patsy says:

    My granddaughter, Callie, would love one of the crew neck hoodies in Black, with the zebra stripes with red sitching. Red, black and white are her school colors and she would enjoy being cuddlely warm on those chilly football nights as she cheers her home team to victory. Callie’s favorite winter time pasttime is gymnastics and visiting with friends and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.

  31. Shelley says:

    My daughter would love the sweatshirt in zebra. We live in Texas so we don’t have a whole lot of really cold weather, but when we do we like to stay snuggled up warm inside!

  32. Sophia says:

    I love this sweatshirt it is ssssssssssooooooo cute i would like one just like it but with my name.

  33. Sarah says:

    These are awesome!!! My daughter would love a black pullover hoodie with her name in tiger. The trim in like neon green or turquiose would be her fav, but she would like hot pink too!!

  34. Gina says:

    My girls have a couple hoodies from Regina. They are wonderful We even had one made as part of my 12yr old Halloween costume. I just ordered a little something for myself tonight. So many options so little time LOL

  35. Vicki Abraha says:

    My daughter (Danelle) fell in love with the black hoodie with the pink stitching and zebra print. She told m shejust ha to have one. She loves to be outside in the snow, making snowmen and havin snowball fights. However, he favorite thing to do is ride the sowmobile. We go all over the place on the snowmbile and I pull her in the sled behind it. After all that activity outside, it’s time to come in for a big mug of hot chocolate and cuddle by the fire!

  36. Vicki Abraham says:

    And one last to type…..I love the sweatshirt. I want to get one so I can wear it when I play outside!!

  37. Jenny Lloyd says:

    i love the black shirt, with zebra print intial “M” and pink outline – my niece would love this. one way my kids and i enjoy the winter weather is sledding down the driveway when there is snow.

  38. Ursula says:

    I would choose a white sweatshirt with a pink zebra letter. My kids have been sledding everyday this week!

  39. Lanette says:

    My most favorite of all is my Pink Zebra Lobo Marching Band Hoodie!! It is AWESOME to wear for the football games!! I also have a website and I ordered an ISCRAP hoodie last year too!! I want to get a couple more for giveaways on my site because I get so many compliments!! I am going to try and work with her this summer for some fundraising opportunites on these adorable sweatshirts!! Everyone should have one! I would love to win 1 for my kiddo and have it say LOBO Band Brother!

  40. Lanette says:

    Actually my website is I had a typo on my earlier post!!! You can find Zebra hoodie link on there as well!!! So darn cute and the new bling line!!! MUST HAVE!!

  41. Christine Griffin says:

    I love the type style and the way the letters are laid out on the front of the sweatshirt; I only hope my granddaughter’s name, “Kira”, would look as well!

    Thanks for modeling, Maggie!!

  42. Jennifer says:

    Wow! These are awesome! I love the black hoodie sweatshirt with funky zebra letters and pink stitching! Our dance school would flip over these. They would be perfect for the winter when the girls all need to warm-up with hoodies, plus they would be great for skating at our lake!!!!!

  43. Caroline Jireh says:

    My daughter Lily (11) has a pink leopard and black/white zebra room (one wall is painted zebra stripes and one pink zebra spots!) and she loves zebra! We watched the video and thought they were (as she said) “awesome”! She loved the black hoodie with zebra funky font and pink trim! During the winter we do a lot of outside stuff that involves snow play (sledding, hiking, playing). This hoodie is perfect for her age…she is in 6th grade and the kids are starting to get “too cool” to wear dorky jackets and they opt instead for a warm hoodie…one of these cuties and she’d never feel “dorky”! 🙂

  44. Glenda says:

    My granddaughter would love the hoodie. The stitching is beautiful, only we would like Hannah on ours.

  45. Susan says:

    My granddaughter Adele I am sure would love to have one of the beautiful hoodies.
    It would be perfect for the chilly mornings to wear to school, and later to wear while doing her favorite thing climbing the tree in the back yard.

  46. Amy Wilson says:

    My little girl is a cheerleader and this would be a huge hit w/ her squad!

  47. Amy Wilson says:

    My little girl is a cheerleader and these would be a huge hit w/ her and the girls on her squad

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