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18 inch doll treasures

Hey – It’s January and everyone is having a post Holiday clearance sale. We decided to have a little fun. This week we are holding a FREE outfit Treasure Hunt! This is how it works…

This week only (until Friday, Jan. 7th) there are SIX outfits in our store that have hidden buried treasure. When you purchase one of those outfits you will get another outfit from our store (our choice) absolutely FREE. Here’s the fun part… you have to find the secret outfits.

You can tell your favorite American Girl that all she has to do is add an outfit to the shopping cart, and then click the “View Cart” icon on the upper right hand side of the page. If the outfit she added is one of our secret treasure outfits another outfit will appear in the cart with a price of ZERO. If not… keep hunting! There is no obligation to buy of course it is just for fun – you can choose which treasures you would like to purchase prior to checking out (but you must purchase the secret treasure outfit to get the free stuff of course).

To make it a little easier for you we have added one secret treasure outfit per category (casual, fantasy, dresses, bedtime, sports, outerwear). Plus for some more fun we will be providing two clues per day via our Facebook page (if you don’t have Facebook you are welcome to call us for the clue).

Click here to start hunting… Good Luck!!

3 Responses to Treasure Hunt – FREE Clothes Your 18 Inch Doll

  1. blueviolet says:

    I’m going to have to tell my sister!

  2. I want too doll brown hair and brown eye

    thanks Janessa

  3. I want too my doll name Janessa. too color brown hair and brown eye.

    thanks Janessa

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