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Here’s my sister Michelle, our resident reviewer…

Michelle is a super-Mom of 3 children: Maggie (7 – nearly), Jack (5) and Tommy (2). She juggles parenting and her job as a home-care nurse while hubby works full-time in corporate America and serves as the Chief of the local volunteer fire company.  Michelle will be giving you her honest opinion on products and services that we feel you all of you might be interested in. We will be hosting many giveaways for these products as well.

*Please note that Michelle may have received free product on compensation in exchange for these reviews and giveaways. Not a bad deal – she gets to be the guinea pig for all of you and you have the chance to get free stuff! To Mom power!

This review is also a giveaway – scroll down to the bottom of the post
for details…

Watch tomorrow for Part 2 of this review – the video review!

Pigtail Pals was started by stay at home Mom Melissa Wardy in an effort to provide her daughter with clothing options that promoted empowerment and independence for girls.  Pigtail Pals has a variety of products to offer, including t-shirts (see Maggie sporting her “call me in the morning t-shirt), and “re-define girly gear” of baseball caps, school supplies, and gear bags.  All t-shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton and feature a logo of a girl in various careers with a cute little caption.  Melissa now provides custom design t-shirts plus she will be adding a new line of designs in February.

We received a t-shirt for Maggie with a girl doctor with the caption “call me in the morning”.  It fit well and washed well (no shrinkage).  Maggie performed her handstand test and declared it comfortable.  She actually wears it to Gymnastics practice all the time; it’s comfy and doesn’t ride up when she is upside down! I also liked the firefighter’s t-shirt with the caption “I look good in red”.  Since Ryan is a firefighter I’m thinking of getting one for myself!  Take a look at all the choices.  What does your daughter want to be when she grows up?  Which one is her favorite?  T-shirts are available in infant, toddler, girl, and some adult sizes.  Girl t-shirts are $21.00.  Be cautioned when ordering, sizes run very small.  Maggie usually wears a size 7-8 in a shirt and we received a size 14-16 for review.  It is a pretty good, snug fit.  Be sure to order a couple of sizes bigger than you normally would.

What I like about this company is their commitment to giving back.  For every t-shirt sold, Pigtail Pals donates $1.00 to their charity of the month.  What a great way to teach our girly girls how to make a difference.  Right now Maggie wants to be a teacher.  She idolizes her second grade teacher Mrs. Hannah!  However, I realize this is probably going to change, so I am happy to provide her with the encouragement she needs to be anything she sets her mind to.  From construction worker to astronaut, Pigtail Pals has the t-shirt she’ll need!



Pigtail Pals wants one of our readers to win their very own T-Shirt! In order to enter please visit the Pigtail Pals website and out of the 12 designed T-Shirts tell us what is your favorite and why?

You may also want to join Pigtail Pal’s Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

Comments must be posted by Jan. 11th at midnight. On Jan. 12th we will choose a winner randomly and announce it here and on the Emily Rose Facebook Page. US Residents only.

24 Responses to Pigtail Pals Review and Giveaway

  1. TinaMarie Hintz says:

    I lOVE the “I Look Good in Red” t-shirt! It is a phrase used by women, but not degrading like some of the other shirts seem. Powerful, yet feminine, helping our girls see the potential to be anything God desires for their lives. Too cute!

  2. Tammy says:

    I love the race car diver shirt… “I drive like a girl.” We have 4 girls and my husband is always teasing one of them, “You ________ like a girl.” Even the youngest retorts, “‘Cause I AM A GIRL!” followed by giggles and hugs.

  3. Cindi says:

    How cute and these adorable tee shirts speak volumes!
    I especially like the Construction Worker Tee because of
    its’ saying that I broke a nail…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  4. Jacki Sabo says:

    All of these tee shirts are adorable and great for making helping little girls think they can be anything they want to be! I especially like the scientist one. My daughter has just come home from school the last couple of weeks being so excited about all of the things she is learning in science class. I am very happy about this because I am a chemist. I never wanted her to think it was weird to be interested in science! Thank you! I love all of these shirts!!

  5. Shellie says:

    I loved these they are really cute ! I am a home school Mom myself I love the scientist shirt !!!! They are amazing

  6. Lisa says:

    These are adorable. How inventive and fun!

  7. Laura Haigler says:

    Just too cute

  8. Lisa says:

    Love the breat cancer tshiet. I’ve known alot of women with this horrible cancer. Some have fought it and win and some have not.

  9. Kathryn Caulfield says:

    This is a wonderful idea. Girls all too often think they need to grow up and only be mommies. I would like for her to be strong and independent. Since I have to pick only one shirt, I like the astonaut shirt. My daughter likes to dream about what she will be while laying down looking at the stars.

  10. Suzanne Skillman says:

    Neat! I just love the archeologist one, “She’s got a bone to pick”! My oldest daughter wants to be an Egyptologist and would go crazy for this design. 🙂

  11. Jamie M says:

    WOW! These are so cool! I have two daughters and six nieces that I am always trying to find cool stuff for! I would have a hard time choosing just one, but I think I like the scientist one the best!

  12. Yumi Sunday says:

    Those tees are super cute. Love how it encourages typical male roles for girls. My daughters favorite was the Military “Don’t Fight with Girls”

  13. Kim Harris says:

    I like the breast cancer shirt. My 6 year old daughter went door to door and raised $107.00 for cancer research. We heard so many stories from people. We loved doing it! My daughter was hospitalized for Kawasaki disease when she was 2. We now give our DNA for research whenever we can. We love to help people try to find cures. You never know when that person might be you.

  14. Savanah m says:

    I like the director one because I aspire to be a director there’s not very many noted female directors there’s more males but us girls need to show them that girls can be as creative and “directing” as boys some girls well most girls my age are those typical girls that like pink and princesses but we need to take chances that’s why I like the director shirt

  15. Diane F says:

    I really enjoy the “Act like a Lady” tee. All of our girls can behave with confidence, dignity and respect even when competing neck & neck with others in school, sports and play. Friendship & humor can be expressed across the language barriers with something as simple as a smile 🙂

  16. Lisa McVaugh says:

    I LOVE them all, but my favorite is…hard between:
    scientist : as my daughters want to cure cancer, we’ve had too many dies from this horrible disease.
    but I think my FAVORITE is the Doctor, as my oldest dd says she wants to be a doctor, and that thrills me!!

  17. Savanah m says:

    I like the director shirt because I aspire to be a director. Let’s face it there aren’t many noted female directors there’s a lot more male directors I think us girls can be as creative and as “directing” as boys some no most girls my age (12) don’t think outside the box or take chances so we need to take charge and take that leap of faith for whatever we do that’s why I like these t shirts and especially the director one

  18. Christine A says:

    I love the astronaut one, my oldest daughter now 6 and a half has wanted to be an astronaut for as long as I remember. As a family in the summer we spend many late nights looking at the stars.

  19. Darcie Jane says:

    I love shirts with sayings on them 🙂 It is hard to find sayings that touch on my daughters’ interests.  These Shirts are great!

  20. Cindy says:

    How can you pick just one? I think it is important to let our girls know that they can follow their dreams, no matter what. I really like the racecar driver and the military one.

  21. Suzi Robertson says:

    I love the astronaut t-shirt

  22. Renee' Trimm says:

    I love the blue carpenter shirt and probably would need a 14-16. My husband is a carpenter and my daughter who turns 10 next week and has her own tool chest, socket set, shop vac etc. The phraise “I broke a Nail” fits her because even though she follows her daddy everywhere and does everything, she does it with girly clothes, makeup and perfect nails. Just goes to prove tbat girls can do anything and still be little princessess

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  24. I love all of your shirts because I am an educator and I so encourage my girls to see themselves in such roles. But, my all time favorite is “Scientist-Find the Cure”–my 10 year-old daughter has cystic fibrosis and she so wants to be a part of the cure when she grows up so we talk all the time about her being in a role like this to help make the difference! I am going to join your facebook so all my educator friends know about it….also these would be great birthday gifts for some of her girlfriends!

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