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I know what some of you are thinking. After I confessed yesterday about my lack of hand/eye coordination and mechanical skills, you are thinking that I left the 18 Inch Doll Armoire to my sister Michelle to assemble because it was too hard for me. Not true! I could have done it I promise. The truth is that I ran out of time. I was visiting my family and leaving the completed furniture with my sister for gifts/donations and I was having so much fun playing with my nieces and nephews and Michelle’s new puppy Boo, that I didn’t get to the armoire (ok,ok, I admit it – I left the one with the most pieces until last).

But as my wonderful sister will show you, although the armoire has more pieces it is as simple as the other doll furniture to put together – just a few more steps. You can click here to buy the armoire (only $58.99) Here goes…

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  1. Star Traci says:

    Nice. I am impressed by you and your sister. I can’t build anything. Sorry I am so late in returning your visit. I am just now getting back use of my wrist (frighteningly necessary in blogging).
    I’ll come again. 🙂

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