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I love halloween. I love playing dress-up, preparing “halloween-ish” food, and seeing my friends in costume. Its a great time to be anyone you want to be, without fear of being talked about (in a negative way), and to explore your creative side.

This year, I am going as one half of the Wonder Twins. Do you remember them?


Or maybe as Morticia Addams.


Anyway, this year, we are hosting THE halloween party for our friends and i have been looking online for great halloween themed food. I saw this really interesting website!

Admittedly, i wouldnt eat all the food posted there (the Witches’ fingers, the  Eerie Eyeballs) because they look very real to me but i’ll definitely serve the Spooky Sugar Cookies, Ghoulish Graves and the Creepy Cheese & Crackers.

Visit the Britta website to see the highly creative recipes! I am sure your guests will be amazed by your food preparation, thanks to the folks responsible for these recipes.

Who are you going as for halloween?

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