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Congratulations to Joielle Martin and Michelle who have each won a business from Emily Rose @Home! (you will hear from us via email tomorrow on how to claim your prize)

As you know the goal of Emily Rose @Home is to get as many Moms in business as possible. In the last note that I sent out I told you how I had spoken to many of you on the phone. For most of you “financial limitations” was the most often quoted reason for not joining the program, even though so many of you wanted to – so to help out I was going to give away 2 free businesses to 2 lucky Moms.

Well that plan has changed. My husband and I were speaking about the upcoming Holiday Sales Season (which is our busiest and most lucrative time of year). I was telling him how sad I was that so many of you couldn’t join the Emily Rose @Home program because the Holiday Season is always so successful and it would be so encouraging and fun for all of you to start off with a bang. I told him about the improved training and materials that I am planning on September 15th. I told him I knew there were so many of you out there that could be so successful in your own business if just given the opportunity.

You know what he told me? Just do it – make it a Merry Christmas! If you are so confident that these Moms like you will do so well – then take a risk and invest in them. So that is what I am doing. I am taking a leap of faith and giving away 25 FREE Economy Starter Pack PLUS 1 FREE month of website fees to any woman who would like to join us on this adventure. I only wish we could give away more.

So – if you would like a FREE business all of your own please email with your name and the reason that you would like to join us. First come, first served.

Please, please, please only send the email if you are committed to trying and excited about making some money for the Holidays and starting your own business. If you send the email just to get free stuff you are taking the opportunity away from someone who really wants it. It would be unfair and just plain mean (plus this is an investment from my family, we aren’t some giant, faceless corporation).

Onwards and Upwards, Lisa-Marie

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  1. Shari says:

    I’m a Founder’s Circle Member and I’ve learned a lot and met a lot of great women since starting my Emily Rose @Home business. Come join the fun!

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