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It’s Monday morning and even as I am thinking about how much I have to get done this week I am thinking about how much I didn’t get done over the weekend! I have a serious problem with laundry. Luckily I don’t have a problem with it actually getting done, my lovely husband does all of the laundry in our house, but I do have a problem with it getting put away. I hate putting away laundry. My husband will leave a basket full of nicely folded fluffy clean clothes in our closet and by the end of the week it will be a basket of unfolded, dug-through, half clean, half dirty clothes. It’s some kind of mental block.

Knowing that I have to re-fold all of the stuff I have messed up nags at me. But look what my Dad sent me! I couldn’t stop watching it. As soon as work is over I am eager to get to that laundry basket and put this strategy to the test. Have you tried it?

Click This link to learn how to fold a shirt!

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  1. Okay, That’s too cool….how does she do that??? Jenny Rose and I have tried to fold our Emily Rose @ Home shirts the way she show us and we just can’t make it happen!! Good thing our motto is “never give up”, because I think this will take us a while to master!!

  2. Very interesting! I need something like that for fitted sheets!

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