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A guest post from my fabulous assistant, Nina:

While everyone I know love summer, I don’t. I don’t like the uncomfortable feeling of being sweaty. While most of the time, it’s sunny and warm from my side of the globe – Philippines is, after all, a tropical country – I love when the rainy season comes.

It’s now starting to rain here in the Philippines. As much as I do miss open-footwear weather, I just love the peace I feel when it rains. I love spending my weekends in bed, with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate.  I love the “relax-ness” of it – no one is rushing to get to their dream summer destination, you don’t feel the need to always be in an air conditioned room. Some might say its “lazy weather”, but I say it’s the weather that is most conducive for you to get to know yourself better. Summer inspires you to go out, go to the beach with friends, the rainy season gives you a chance to take a breath, look into yourself and have a better relationship with yourself.

Other pro’s of the rainy weather? Well for one thing, lower electricity bills. You don’t have to turn on the AC all the time. You save on water because you don’t feel the need to take a shower every 20 minutes. You save on clothes and laundry because you don’t always have to go and get changed. See, lots of perks!!! 🙂

Ahhh rain, oh how I love you so.



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