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This is a great craft idea for your kids to do in preparation for the 4th of July celebration. Thanks to the people from Craft Ideas, your kids can show their patriotism with their handmade patriotic pins.


Here’s how to make one:

You will need:

– cardboard such as from a cereal box or
  heavy cardstock
– tissue paper in the colors of red, white
  and blue
– liquid school glue
– pencil
– ruler
– pin backing


1. Print out a star you like or use a cookie cutter star and transfer the shape to the cardboard and cut out.
2. Draw 3 straight and even sections down the front side of the heart using pencil and ruler.
3. Tear each colored tissue paper into small 1 inch pieces and create a wad with each piece. Add a good amount of glue to the first area you wish to fill. Adhere the wads next to each other filling up the spaces and making sure not to leave any openings.
4. Start now with the next color on the next section and repeat step 3.
5. Complete the last section with the 3rd color and repeat step 3 again.
4. Cut a thin strip of cardstock or cardboard. Turn the finished and dry heart over, lay the pin in the center, and insert the strip through the pin and glue it to hold the pin in place. Let the glue thoroughly dry before wearing.

I love going to Craft Ideas for my crafting needs, because they provide simple and easy to follow instructions, and even provides you with patterns!!!

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