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We want you to suggest new 18 inch doll clothing designs for our 2011 line! What would you like to see us include in our store? Comment below and let us know.

Here are our new designs arriving in September for your favorite 18 inch doll!

8 Responses to 18 Inch Doll Clothing Style Suggestions – We Want Yours!

  1. Skylark says:

    love some of the new dresses! And I love the black and white leggings with the one outfit! I would personally like to see more things like costumes. Nothing Victorian era since there’s already a lot of that out there but more things like Elizabethan era. Though I know it’s hard to make dresses like that!

  2. Margaret says:

    I would like to see a basketball uniform and tunic and legging sets!

  3. Cate says:

    Man – I should be coming to you for sewing lessons – these are amazing!

  4. Laura Knutsen says:

    We would like to see a back-to-school uniform kit complete with khaki skirt, white collared shirt, navy vest, messenger-style school bag and knee-hi socks.

  5. Laura Knutsen says:

    How about an artist kit complete with a beret, white painters shirt with paint marks/smudges, black stretch capris, paint palette, easel and paintbrush!

  6. My daughters think it’d be cool to see a big ruffled, red/white/yellow Flamenco-style dress with castanets and a flower for her hair.

  7. Ann Root says:

    E. suggests 2 in one outfits. She likes pieces that mix and match to make more then one outfit.
    I’ve always wished there were more clothes for Kaya. Not necessary period specific but something that would complement her quiet style. A long broom style skirt, long sleeved collared shirt belted at the waist with a large silver/jade belt.

  8. Jan S. says:

    I would love to see a “cowgirl” outfit. We went on a trip to Yellowstone, and now I have an outdoor girl. She has a cowboy hat – and I think she’d like to see the cowgirl outfit for her doll. Boot, skirt, hat, etc. Would be great!!

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