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For 10 years I was a corporate geek, for 12 years I have been a Mother, for 4 years I have been an entrepreneur – based on that diverse background I feel very qualified and confident when I proclaim this… There is NO SUCH THING as multi-tasking.  For years we have been told that, if we were a modern woman, we should and would be able to juggle conflicting priorities, multiple tasks, soul-tugging attention getters (like a crying child) with grace and aplomb and all at the same time. I say “hogwash” and if you are trying to do it just STOP.  Shouldn’t a priority be a priority?  Shouldn’t a task get done right the first time?  Shouldn’t your crying child get your full and undivided attention?  If you are multi-tasking… someone or something is getting the short end of the stick.

There are all these “productivity gurus” out there these days.  Every one of them claiming they have the ultimate secret to getting things done.  Here’s my secret, it’s very simple and doesn’t require a 45 minute video, 15 blog posts or a $25 downloadable product to explain it.

Do one thing at a time.

It’s amazing that when you focus on giving your full attention to one thing at a time how quickly your to do list shrinks.  It’s the power of focus.  Don’t check Facebook while you are cooking dinner, don’t pack lunches while you are braiding your daughter’s hair, don’t walk in to the kitchen and then forget what you came in for.  Do one thing at a time and do it until it is complete or you come to a stopping point that makes sense – and if you do stop, put that thing completely aside before you begin something else.

Rashaki a zen master said, “When walkingwalk. When eating, eat.” I bet he never lost his cell-phone because he put it down to tie his shoelace on his morning workout, or let his dinner get cold because his kids were fighting over what TV show to watch at the dinner table.

One thing at a time… and with focus.  You’ll feel so much calmer I promise.

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  1. Cate says:

    A hearty “amen” from this corner of the globe! 🙂

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