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I am always looking for age appropriate stories and books for Emily. She is an avid reader and especially enjoys it when the story continues in a series – she always wants to know… whats next? We have just discovered a sweet little website based on the book. “For the Love of Lauren; Diary of a Young Girl” by a very nice lady named, Lauren McKenna.

You can read a summary of the book below. Emily’s favorite part about the website is that she can read, “Lauren’s Blog” and catch up on what is happening in her life.

“Meet Lauren McKenna, an inspiring eight-year-old girl with dreams in her heart and stars in her eyes. Her life revolves around her family, and around their home, a stately old mansion called Hailey grove, nestled on the outskirts of the small town of Hailey Hollow. As Lauren faithfully writes her thoughts and feelings in her diary, from the mysterious clues awaiting her at the end of a daring treasure hunt to the birth of a young girl’s courage, they magically unfold in the stories she tells. She writes about her first giddy crush and she shares life’s most enduring lessons. Lauren’s diary holds secrets she wouldn’t even tell her best friend…”

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