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I find myself slipping in to daydreams as the summer creeps toward us. Dreams of wonderful days spent bonding with Emily, going on picnics, doing fun crafts, visiting interesting places. The truth is that these dreams aren’t very realistic. Emily travels a lot during the summer visiting Grandparents, plus her annual visit to some of her Dad’s family in Kansas City, and she is getting to the age where she wants to hang out with her friends most of all (especially as an only child). Also – I have to work. I’m sure that you are like me and the weekends sometimes come as surprise with a long list of errands and house-keeping issues to complete. Fun gets pushed to the back-burner.

I have decided that I don’t want the summer to slip past me without having made the most of Emily’s time off of school. So I did for my personal life what I do for my business – set some realistic goals. I figure that if I have 3 or 4 realistic goals that I keep in sight I am less likely to drop Emily off on the first day of 7th grade year thinking, “where has the summer gone?”

So here are my goals:

  • Go to the beach at least 2 times before Emily leaves to travel.
  • Start some kind of project together that we can work on independently and put back together when we are re-united
  • After school is out – let Emily stay up an hour later every night during the week and make that hour a Mommy/Emily hour with her choice of activity (let’s face it, it will probably be re-runs of Glee musical numbers but at least we will be snuggling :-))

Do you have some summer goals relating exclusively to your kids?  Please share?

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