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From our Emily Rose @Home founder, Andrea who never ceases to amaze me with her boundless energy and good ideas…

In addition to being the Wisconsin representative of Emily Rose @ Home, I also own a party planning business (not to mention a marketing consultation company) called Happy Party Monkey.  The initial focus of this business was to provide a service that would create gift bags for events.  Rapidly it delved into party planning as well.

I live in Madison, WI.  As few of your probably know, American Girl corporate is housed here (well, technically Middleton, I digress).  Due to this, American Girl dolls are, probably, more popular here than elsewhere.  All the girls in out neighborhood have, at the very least, one doll, and more than likely a few.

Due to the preponderance of dolls, I like to plan events that the dolls are part of.  To plan for a proper girl/doll party, you must keep the doll in mind the entire time.

Like any party, start with the invite.  Whatever invite you are using, create tiny version, either by scanning and shrinking, or using a program (such as Photoshop) in which you can create a big and little version of the same invite.  We were fortunate enough to find loads of miniature envelopes at a garage sale this summer, however, they are easy enough to make as well.  Girls LOVE their dolls receiving their own invites to a party.

Any party I have for this age group, I have a pretty detailed spreadsheet order of how the party should roll out.  When the girls arrive, I generally have a craft to work on until all the girls arrive.  An enjoyable craft for a girl/doll party is creating a poster for their dolls space at home or making special bejeweled barrettes for the doll.

After all of the girls have arrived we generally move on to main events.  Depending on the party this could be making a video (a big thing in our area), karaoke on the Wii (and make sure to take pictures), or some games.  I, generally, try to use one of the quiz books that American Girl has published (a great quiet time activity that allows me to prepare other items).  The girls all love talking about themselves and their answers to the quizzes.

Naturally any party is not a party without food.  Create a buffet with big and little food is simply fun.  Part of the fun is the initial hunt of what foods come big and small.  It’s a really great way to involve your daughter in the party as well.  My daughter found big and littles of pretzels, Oreos and other cookies and M&Ms.  I am certain there are more foods.  These seem to work well for any party though.  Another great addition for the party is the use of plastic shot glasses for glasses for dolls.  They are a perfect size, and girls seem to go mad for these.

After eating the girls still need to be occupied until the end of the party.  One of my favorite post-food craft activities is taking a picture of the girl and a picture of the doll, printing the pictures and having the girls adhere the pictures onto a lockets (by locket I mean a piece of plastic attached to a plastic necklace) and the girls then have matching necklaces with each other pictures.

Throwing a party for your girl and her girl should be fun and prompt creativity – not stress.  There are loads of websites (this one included) that provide great ideas of activities of crafts to make that can be adapted to for your party.

Happy Party Monkey is owned by Andrea Barber.  Need some party help – take a look at her blog for some ideas (  Andrea and Peyton Barber are the mother-daughter Emily Rose @ Home team for the Wisconsin area.  Would you like to schedule a party in this area?  You can reach Andrea and Peyton through this link (  You can also reach Andrea by email at

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