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We often ask for feedback via our Facebook Fan Page.   I love the opportunity to chat directly to our customers and hear ideas and input.  A few months ago I asked for input on what new designs we should carry in the store and got a TON of feedback.  It seems that our customers have very clear ideas about what they would like their 18 inch doll to be wearing.  Well – we would like to see your ideas.  The winner of our design contest gets a $100 spending spree at Emily Rose PLUS the exciting opportunity to have their design created and available in our store (with your name listed as the designer) as a very special Emily Rose outfit.  Here are the rules:

Age Requirement: 7 – 107 (we hope many Moms will join the fun)

You must be at least 7 years old to enter this contest and if you are under 18 your entry must be posted by a parent (see below for posting details).

Submission: Your design MUST be original – which means out of your head on to the paper – no photographs of existing clothing designs or copied designs please.  Please provide a full color drawing of your design that includes the following:

  • A front and back view of the outfit.
  • Fabric suggestions – wool, satin, denim, etc…
  • Notes on any small details (identify trims, closures, embroidery, etc…)
  • Your name, email, state and age
  • You may include accessories – but please do not include shoes or accessories that are not made of fabric

Posting: All entries must be posted to our Facebook page so make sure they are of high-quality so you can see the details.  To post to our Facebook Page you must become a fan first – just click here and then click on the “Fan this Page” button.  Once you are a fan you can click on the Photo tab and upload your design as a photo.  If you don’t have a Facebook account you will be asked to join.

How do you win?: We are letting all of you choose the winner.  Once your design is posted any Facebook fan can click the “like” button under the photo.  The design with the most “likes” WINS THE CONTEST!

Deadline: All entries must be received by midnight on March 31st to enter BUT voting starts immediately so the sooner you post your entry the longer you have to collect “like” votes.


Good luck – and have fun!!!

All entries become the property of Emily Rose Doll Clothes.  Emily Rose reserves the right to use submitted design ideas in any capacity, including but not limited to; design production, advertising and promotion, internet stores and blogs, etc…

29 Responses to Design Contest! Win a $100 Spending Spree!

  1. Penny Brode says:

    What a great idea. I’m giving this to my granddaughter. She loves to design outfits.


  2. Tronda Hatchell says:

    The contest sounded worthy until I read that adults can enter.
    How can my nine-year-old have a fair chance while competing against adults? I think it would be setting her up for known failure.

  3. LisaMarie says:

    You’d be surprised Tronda! My 11 year-old has her finger on the pulse of what kids want – she is better at designing than me! The winner is put to vote so kids are more likely to vote for each other and I know adults will take age in to account when voting. No matter what, your daughter will have her design spotlighted in Facebook for hundreds of people to see and admire – she can’t fail…

  4. My 7-year-old just brought me a dress design she drew yesterday. It’s all in pencil (not colored) and only a front view, but surprisingly detailed. I’ll have to work with her this weekend and see if we can get it ready to meet the qualifications of this contest. How fun! 🙂
    P.S. We’ve been reading Anne of Green Gable, so she’s big into “puffed sleeves” right now. 😉

  5. Jane Madden says:

    What is the deadline for submissions? I am sure my granddaughters will want to participate.

  6. LisaMarie says:

    The deadline is March 31st Jane but the sooner your design is posted the more votes it can get.

  7. Lily McLaughlin says:

    Can the shirts have writing on them?

  8. Lily McLaughlin says:

    Can the shirts have words on them?

  9. admin says:

    Sure Lily – they can have writing.

  10. Cheryl says:

    My granddaughter is going to love this! She is quite the little fashionista! I foresee a weekend of a young creative genius at work~

  11. Jordan says:

    I have a sister…and I was wondering if it is ok to do this with her?


  12. Doreen Olson says:

    OK, what if both my daughter and I want to enter—am I allowed more than one entry since she is under 18?


  13. sarah says:

    i cant WAIT!!!even though im still waiting on my mommy 2 upload it,I CAN’T WAIT!!!bye!!!

  14. sarah says:

    oh yeah,it is SOOOO is so adorable!!!if u have an american girl doll with blue eyes,this will look PERFECT on her.bye!!!

  15. sarah says:


  16. LisaMarie says:

    Sure you can Jordan – no problem.

  17. LisaMarie says:

    You can do from her and one from you – we don’t mind if you collaborate.

  18. Jordan says:

    Ok, thanks, because i can think it all up…but she can help me get it on paper! 😉 Thanks!


  19. Diana says:

    I have a question– some people “voted” on the back view of my design. Will that still count towards the final tally, or does it HAVE to be on the front view to count? Thank you!


  20. LisaMarie says:

    Hi Diana – yes we will do our best to consolidate spread out votes (we didn’t think of this possibility!) 🙂

  21. Trenda says:

    Hi! How long does the voting continue?

  22. LisaMarie says:

    Voting continues through midnight April 2nd.

  23. Trenda Plunkett says:

    Hi, I’ve had a lot of Facebook friends tell me they’ve had trouble voting for my daughter’s design. When they click on the link on my page, her picture doesn’t show up. Has anyone else had that problem?

    Thank you so much for offering this opportunity for aspiring designers!


  24. Trenda Plunkett says:

    P.S. We also have friends who have said they voted, but when we view the list of people who “liked” her design, their names aren’t there. Any other entrants having this issue?



  25. admin says:

    Hi Trenda – they will only show up if they are fans of the page. They have to go to the “photo” page to vote.

  26. Diana says:

    I’ve had that problem too. I think I even have someone who posted a nice compliment under my design, but didn’t click “Like”! LOL

  27. Thanks so much!!! That makes perfect sense! 🙂


  28. Trenda says:

    Diana, your drawing for the contest is precious! How did you learn to draw faces so beautifully?

  29. Trenda Plunkett says:

    Regan is so happy to be one of your winners! Thank you so much! Congratulations to Diana and to all the other designers. We love your creations!

    Trenda and Regan

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