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It’s so fun to get great customer feedback.  Letters like the one below from Sandy in Texas really make our day.  If you would like to let us know how you feel about your Emily Rose experience please email us.  We appreciate every piece of your wisdom, advice and recommendations…

Last week I ordered several things for my granddaughter,
Kylie (8 years old) for her doll Makela (“Marisol”) from your Back to
School items.  For my free gift, I chose the silver backpack.  That
weekend, Kylie was playing with Makela at my house, and mentioned that
her friend had a beautiful red backpack for her doll, and Kylie would
like a backpack for Makela.  I couldn”t resist; I had to tell her that I
had already ordered a backpack (I was supposed to keep all of that order
until November for Kylie”s birthday.)  We were both amazed when the order
was delivered on Monday.  What service!  Kylie loves the backpack, and I
have put the rest of the order away until November.  I am sure I will be
adding to that supply by then.

Makela already has a number of things from EmilyRose, and Kylie and I
both love every one of them.  Kylie loves the styles and colors.  I love
the great construction and unbelievable prices.  And your customer
service can”t be beat!  I continue to recommend EmilyRose to Kylie”s
friends” mothers and even talk about it when I am on line in the
supermarket and a mother with her little girl and her doll are on line
with me.  You add so much fun to my life and that of my granddaughter.

I have written before and asked not to have my letter published on your
web site.  I am so thrilled with everything about EmilyRose that I have
changed my mind.  You are free to put my comments on the site at any
time.  With lots of thanks and best wishes for continued success, Sandy

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