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African American 18 Inch Doll

We often get questions from customers on where they can buy an African American 18 Inch doll.  We came across a this website. Prodigyrls are the inspiration of Dr. Daniella Wiggins.  Like most Mom entrepreneurs (moi included) she was inspired to start her own business after searching the market for a solution to her problem and finding a gap.  Dr. Wiggins wanted to buy her daughter an African-American doll with realistic African-American features and respectable values where, “girls are proud to see themselves as their dolls”.  The result are these gorgeous dolls.  It looks like Nicole (the Doctor) and Janelle (the Chef) are only a few weeks away from availability so you might want to hop on over to the site to reserve one of the first 300.  I’ll bet you that Emily Rose doll clothes fit the doll – it looks very similar in body-type to the most popular 18 inch dolls and is most probably from the same mold (I’m just guessing here).

Just to remind you that we do have a very pretty African American 18 Inch doll by Madame Alexander available through Emily Rose fro $39.99.  You can buy “Oh So Groovy” here. I’m not sure of her career choice but I guess that means you can make her anything you want her to be.

Thursday is our Contest news day – if you haven’t entered our New Year’s 2010 contest yet you can find the details here.

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  1. Margaret says:

    I have profiled these dolls on my blog (linked) and yes they do indeed fit the Emily Rose Doll Clothes! Dr. Wiggins is very creative and imaginative with these dolls! You need to be sure to add them to your collections!

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