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We found this article on the Milk Your Money website. It offers some great tips and tricks that will help your household – from saving money to cooking ideas. We tried these ones already…

Banana Ripening – Take your bananas apart at the stem when you get them home and they wont ripen as quickly. I’m not sure if this one worked. I didn’t notice any difference. But then again, bananas get eaten so quickly in our house, we may not have had the ideal testing environment.

Get Rid of Ants – We have an occasional ant problem in our house. With two cats and a ten your-old in the house, I am very wary of chemical treatments. I was skeptical about this one. So skeptical that I actually went and Googled to research a little further. Well – I found the same claim on a bunch of websites. Piles of cornmeal? Being a gluten-free household, we have plenty of cornmeal so I tried it. So far, so good! We can’t see any ants around the cornmeal, cant see that the cornmeal has been eaten, but… we can’t see any ants anywhere either.

Here’s one for Mom!

Shave your legs with hair conditioner – its cheaper than shaving cream and will leave your legs silky smooth. This one worked! It doesn’t feel like it is going to work because when you smooth on the conditioner, it feels awfully thin. But the razor slid right over it and it did leave legs a lot smoother than usual.

The next one I am going to try is the dryer sheet in the pocket to ward away mosquitoes. I’ll let you know. Please come back and comment if you try any and they work for you.

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